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Alberta Carbon Levy

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Carbon levy exemptions

In addition to marked farm fuel, some other fuels are exempt from the carbon levy, including the following:

-purchases of fuel on-reserve or at other prescribed locations by eligible First Nations and individuals for personal and band use
-marked gasoline and diesel used by farmers in farming operations
-biofuels, including biomethane, biodiesel and ethanol
-inter-jurisdictional flights
-fuel sold for export
-industrial exemptions in cases where fuel is used in industrial processes but not combusted
-natural gas produced and consumed on site by conventional oil and gas producers (until Jan 1, 2023)
-the use of heating fuels on sites subject to the Specified Gas Emitters Regulations (SGER)/output-based allocation regime

For a full list of carbon levy exemptions, see pages 94-96 of the 2016-19 Fiscal Plan: http://finance.alberta.ca/publications/budget/budget2016/fiscal-plan-complete.pdf

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