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    Bulk Fuel, On-Site Refueling, and Self-Serve Fuel Tank Rentals & Sales

Please note that we're open to the public as well. When ordering please have your Provincial Tax Exception # ready, if applicable.

Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel Delivery is our specialty. We offer Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel which is known for its low temperature fluidity characteristics to keep equipment working in colder temperatures.

On-site Refuelling

On-site refuelling is our most popular service. Our setup allows us to pump fuel into equipment and on-site storage tanks at a slower pump rate than normal to eliminate overflow and kickback, in turn eliminating any spill hazard.

Self-serve fuel tank rentals & sales

Have the convenience of an on-site self-serve fuel tank and never have to wait on fuel again. These portable double walled tanks will be delivered and kept full for as long as you need it, and when your done call us to schedule a pick up time that works for you. Tanks are available for short-term or long term rentals and to purchase. Sizes we offer range from 500L to 15,000L.

Remote long term commitments

We are set up to offer contract work, with the capability to supply a truck and pumper/driver to remote locations. Our drivers can stay on location or nearby, ready for when you need them.


Farming Industry:

We are excited to expand our affordable delivery services to the farming and agricultural industry. These fuels are offered tax-free (on qualifying AFFB consumers) with an on-site fuel storage tanks that can be placed anywhere on your land/site and we can relocate them at your convenience, limiting the time you need to drive to get fuel. AFFB forms available here.

Oil & Gas Industry

We have a variety of services that can help move your production along while saving you money. Our on-site self-serve fuel tanks are available to make sure you always have fuel at your disposal. Tax-exempt and Carbon Levy Tax exempt to qualifying customers.


We are here when you need us, we work with road, residential and business construction and we pride ourselves on keeping prices low even for the smallest order. No minimum delivery is required. Our drivers are committed to staying on site if needed at no additional cost.

Fleet refuelling

Have your fleet ready to go in the morning or the night before, we work around the clock to meet the needs of our customers. We can ensure your equipment is fuelled up before you start your work day. Call us to ask about our automatic delivery or emergency fuel services.

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